Host a CoolParty and Save!

Introduce Your Friends to CoolSculpting...the Cool New Way to Stay Hot!

You know that CoolSculpting is the new, non-surgical way to lose love handles and the little lumps or bumps that resist diet and exercise. Now you can learn about CoolSculpting with your friends — and save at the same time!

Here’s How It Works.

You agree to host a CoolParty in your home for 90 minutes or so. You send out either an email invitation or postcards to a group of your friends — we provide either the e-vite or postcards (or both). And you provide the refreshments.

A representative from WomanCare will come to show you and your friends how it works, what results you can expect, what it costs and more.

Your WomanCare representative will conclude by 7:00. Preferred days and start times are:
Monday - Thursday at 5:30.
Friday from 3:00 to 5:30.
Saturday and Sunday - anytime up to 5:30.

Three Ways to Save!

  1. As the host, you’ll earn $50 off any CoolSculpting treatment if you book six or more guests for your party. Book ten or more, and you’ll get $100 off!
  2. If your friends book a CoolSculpting treatment, you save even more. If 2 guests book a treatment, you get an additional $25 off your own treatment. If 4 guests book, you get $50 off. Six guests book? $75 off. Eight guests book? $100 off. And if 10 guests book a CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll get $200 off your own treatment!
  3. If you have six or more guests, each of them will receive 10% off any CoolSculpting treatment. And we’ll hold a drawing to give one lucky guest an additional 10% off! And you and all your guests can receive a CoolSculpting consultation at no charge, either at the party or at WomanCare’s offices by appointment.

How to Book Your CoolParty.

It’s easy to book a party. Just call 812-220-5037 or email