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WomanCare offers hormone replacement therapy in the form of hormone pellets to relieve unwanted symptoms of menopause and restore hormone balance. As a woman ages, her body goes through a transition where hormone levels rise and fall and symptoms such as decreasing fertility, hot flashes, menstrual irregularity and mood changes may occur. Unbalanced hormone levels can affect energy levels, moods and overall health and well-being, so getting hormones back in balance can provide women with immense relief.

Hormone Replacement Therapy WomanCare
Hormone Replacement Therapy WomanCare

WomanCare is the only provider of hormone pellet therapy in the Louisville region. With hormone pellet therapy, a pellet is placed in the small, fatty portion of your hip below the belt line. These very small pellets release hormones that mimic the effects of endogenous hormones and are absorbed into the body, helping to restore hormones to optimal levels.

This quick, easy procedure is performed in our office and lasts up to three months. Our hormone pellet therapy is also extremely affordable. Patients who have received hormone replacement therapy at WomanCare have seen amazing results including increased energy levels, reduced hot flashes and irritability, improved muscle strength, and best of all, overall quality of life.

Give us a call to find out more about hormone replacement therapy at WomanCare and if it’s right for you.