Patients of Nurse Midwives ONLY will now been seen at 207 Sparks Avenue, Suite 301 in Jeffersonville.

Learning that you’re pregnant can bring a mix of excitement, anticipation and apprehension. At WomanCare, we understand that. Our physicians and midwives are here to provide you with prenatal care and counseling to ensure a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery for you and your baby.

Your WomanCare Physician or Midwife will meet with you early in your pregnancy for a thorough examination and evaluation. This will usually include routine tests for a variety of conditions that could affect your pregnancy. We’ll ask you questions about your family history, and give you the chance to have your own questions answered.

We’ll continue to see you throughout your pregnancy, every four to six weeks in the early months, and more frequently as you approach your delivery date. Throughout your pregnancy, we maintain a watchful eye on you and your baby and talk with you about how to give your baby a healthy start to life, what foods to eat or avoid, exercise recommendations, activities to seek or avoid, vitamins to take and more.

Early and continuous prenatal care allows us to spot any health concerns that may be present for either of you and adjust your plan of care accordingly. If risk factors should appear at any point in your pregnancy, know that you’re in good hands, as WomanCare physicians have deep experience in high risk pregnancies.

If you’re looking for experience, you’ll be pleased to know that no practice in southern Indiana delivers more babies than WomanCare. And we’re all about options, so you can choose between natural birth with one of 4 Certified Nurse Midwives or a more traditional delivery with one of 3 experienced physicians.

Either way, you’ll get expertise in high risk pregnancies and one of the lowest C-section rates in the region. And we’ll deliver your bundle of joy just minutes from downtown Louisville at Clark Memorial’s beautiful Family Birth Place.

When you’re expecting, getting an ultrasound and seeing your baby for the first time and as he or she develops throughout pregnancy can be very exciting.

Ultrasounds use sound waves to create an image of your baby in your womb. Ultrasounds allow you to see your baby’s heartbeat and movement of his or her body, arms and legs. They also help your doctor determine the gender of your baby, usually around 20 weeks.

For an abdominal ultrasound, you’ll lie down and our technician will put a special gel on your belly, which helps carry sound waves. Then a probe will be moved around over your belly to get an image. Afterward, you can receive photos from your ultrasound to take home if you wish. Your doctor will tell you if anything seems unusual. But keep in mind that ultrasounds are not typically used to diagnose problems with your baby.