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Pamper Your Pregnant Self!

Being pregnant is hard work. You might have that gorgeous pregnancy glow on the outside, but some days the typical pregnancy symptoms can leave you feeling less than lovely on the inside. There’s morning sickness in the first trimester, then aggravating heartburn in the second. Approaching your due date, you’re facing tight shoes and an overly stretched tummy. So pampering yourself is good for you — and your baby, too.

Treat Your Feet.
Your feet are taking a lot of abuse, and are probably swollen from an increase in fluids. Try soaking them in hot water with Epsom salts and lavender…or relax in your favorite soothing bubble bath. Light candles, dim the lights, lay back and enjoy treating yourself.

Eat Something Decadent.
Chocolate cake? Cheesecake? Fried chicken? Indulge yourself. As long as you’re eating healthy most of the time, a little decadence is okay.

Spa Yourself.
With your body somewhat out of control during pregnancy, it’ll do you a world of good to relax and get a grip on primping. Grab a mani-pedi when you can, especially during the last few months when you can’t touch (or even see) your toes. A facial or scalp treatment might be just the thing, or try a massage to help with those aches and pains (ask if the therapist is trained in prenatal rubdowns).

Read for Fun, Not Facts.
Like any good mom-to-be, you want all the info you can get, but don’t spend every free moment pouring over pregnancy books and blogs. Take a break with a novel or magazine that’s just plain fun. A romantic saga, cooking blog or Us Weekly…the point is to just relax and escape for a while.

Wear Something Pretty.
Been living in your partner’s sweatpants and button-downs? It might be comfy, but it sure won’t help you channel your inner goddess. Splurge on a pair of quality maternity leggings or jeans and a super-soft cotton or linen top that feels (and looks) lovely. You deserve to feel as beautiful as you look.

Make It a Date Night In.
Veteran moms will tell you that once the baby comes, it’s a lot harder to do nights out. So take advantage of your freedom while you’ve got it — grab your partner and order take-out and a movie. Settle in, relax and cherish this special time together while it’s just the two of you.

Pregnancy isn’t easy, so pampering yourself along the way is a must. You’ll be happy you did.

Elizabeth Ann Bary, RN, CNM
Certified Nurse-Midwife

As the region’s most experienced Certified Nurse-Midwife, Elizabeth specializes in natural childbirth, deliveries and fertility counseling. She also provides care for well women, annual exams, preconceptual counseling, contraceptive services and prenatal care. Elizabeth received her RN and BSN degrees from Indiana University Southeast, and earned her MSN and CNM designations from the University of Kentucky. She is a Member of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, a presenter at area high schools on topics such as birth control, pregnancy, breastfeeding and STD prevention. A native of Harrison County who served as an Army Nurse at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, she has four children and four grandchildren.